EPA Lead RRP (Renovation, Repair & Paint): Initial (8 hr) CLASSROOM


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Having been in effect for more than 5 years, EPA’s Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule requires certification of firms and individuals who perform renovation, repair, and painting projects which may disturb lead-based paint in Target Housing (any home constructed before 1978), and Child-Occupied Facilities (any facility built before 1978, where the same child, under the age of 6, is present more than 6 hours in one week, and more than 60 hours in one year). Activities such as those listed above may disturb lead painted surfaces, creating ingestion and inhalation hazards to occupants and workers. Children under the age of 6 and pregnant women are susceptible to greater effects from lead poisoning by ingestion, due to the effects of lead on the development of bones and brain tissue. Workers may have a greater risk of inhaling lead, as the activities they conduct may create lead dust.

To become a Certified Firm, the firm must submit an application, with the required fee, to EPA for approval. As a Certified Firm, a firm may conduct renovation, repair, and painting activities in regulated facilities in compliance with the Rule.

To become a Certified Renovator, the individual must receive training from an EPA-approved training provider. As a Certified Renovator, an individual may conduct renovation, repair, and painting activities in regulated facilities, using lead-safe work practices and cleaning verification procedures.

Once certified, the Renovator will have an understanding of the Rule requirements, such as occupant education and notification, identification of lead based paint, lead-safe work practices, cleaning, and cleaning verification. Renovators will also learn how lead dust is generated by work activities, health effects of lead poisoning, and how to protect themselves and others when disturbing lead based paint.