Live Webinars

Complete your annual AHERA Refresher training by attending our monthly LIVE webinars!

Online/webinar refreshers are NOT currently accepted by CAL/OSHA. Please check with your state if they accept online refreshers.

How Does it Work?

    1. Register for the specific date you would like to participate in the webinar to complete your annual refresher training.

    2. On the day that you registered for, log-in to the webinar by 8:00am (MST) using the link emailed to you prior to the webinar.

    3. You will see a live video feed into our classroom and have the ability to chat with other students, ask questions and get answers.
    4. Upon completion of the class you will receive your certificate within 5-7 days via email.


    1. Webinars require you to have a HIGH SPEED Internet connection and web cam on your computer.
    2. You will be required to attend the full webinar, with the exception of breaks given by the instructor, in order to receive a certificate of completion.


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