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AHERA Building Inspector Book

The best reference book for the building inspector performing AHERA asbestos inspections and NESHAP thorough inspections for renovation or demolition.


AHERA Contractor/Supervisor Book

The definitive guide for the supervisor conducting asbestos removal and for the consultant overseeing removal projects.


AHERA Management Planner Book

This book is the best guide for the person who must develop an asbestos management plan for a facility, or for the person who must develop an asbestos operations and management program for a building. It explains how to assess and prioritize asbestos hazards and contains suggested forms and checklists for a formal program.


AHERA Project Designer Book

A regulatory guide for architects, engineers or consultants who write specifications and draw plans for asbestos removal in buildings.


AHERA Worker (English) Book


A curriculum and guide for employees who remove asbestos from facilities. Meets all EPA and OSHA training requirements.


EPA Asbestos Awareness Book

This booklet, along with instruction, is required under AHERA for any custodial or maintenance person who works in a building that contains asbestos containing building material (ACBM), and under the OSHA construction standard for any employee who may contact asbestos containing material (ACM) or clean up debris from ACM.


Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Book


A training guide for all facility maintenance people who disturb asbestos containing materials at a maintenance level in their facilities. Fulfills initial and annual training requirements from EPA and OSHA.


U.S. Federal Asbestos Regualtions Book


The all-in-one reference book for the asbestos professional or building owner who must comply with the federal asbestos regulations.


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Outstanding organization. I like the online training, but I really like coming to Phoenix for training also. Very high-quality people that are willing to help in any way possible. I have gotten several questions answered by phone calls and email.

James Williams

Excellent Asbestos Operations & Maintenance Refresher! Exactly what we need to know, very clear, and good delivery.

Judy Graham

An excellent training facility with instructors who know asbestos. You will learn something every time you participate. Thank you for still giving training for all these years.

Curt Jacobs