OSHA Class II AC (Transite) Pipe Removal: Initial / Refresher (4 HR) ONLINE


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This course is about removing transite pipe (asbestos cement pipe).  Whether you are doing normal maintenance work on transite pipe (Class III Work) or removing large amounts from an underground system (Class II Work), this training will meet the OSHA training requirements for the worker.

The advantages of training at the Class II level are the time required (4 hours vs. 16 hours), the applicability of the class information and removing the waste limitation on the amount of waste generated.  The elements of Class III training (maintenance or repair) were written for work in a building environment, and limit the amount of waste generated to one normal sized waste bag, which may not exceed 60 inches in length and width.  Typical repair work (other than “hot tapping”) will generate more waste than that which can be contained in a normal waste bag.  Class II work has unlimited amounts of waste  that may be generated.  The only drawback, if there is one, is that the Class II worker must be supervised by a Competent Person who is certified at the Contractor/Supervisor level (40 hours).  All contractors who do this work have that person, and most municipality or water districts have that person also.  If you have questions regarding the applicability of the 2 levels of training, please call The Asbestos Institute in Phoenix, AZ at 602-864-6564.

Some states have state specific rules for this work, including the training required. Check with the state that you plan on working in to see if they have additional rules to those in the federal OSHA standard at 29 CFR 1926.1101(k)(9).