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Looking to become a certified asbestos consultant?  The Asbestos Institute has designed a course to ensure those taking the CAC (Certified Asbestos Consultant) course in California are fully prepared to pass the exam. The CAC / CSST certification is specific to the state of California, and is required by any person who contracts to provide professional health and safety services relating to asbestos containing construction material, which comprises 100 square feet or more of surface area. The activities of a Certified Asbestos Consultant include building inspection, abatement project design, contract administration, sample collection, preparation of asbestos management plans, clearance monitoring, and supervision of Site Surveillance Technicians.

Prior to taking the CAC / CSST Exam, individuals must possess the following AHERA training certificates:
Management Planner Initial,  Project  Designer Initial,  Contractor/Supervisor Initial, as well as all subsequent annual refresher courses. (To be accredited as a Management Planner, the EPA requires the Building Inspector Initial accreditation as a prerequisite).  The Asbestos Institute offers all of the prerequisite courses, all refresher courses, and is a California DOSH approved trainer.

The Asbestos Institute has had numerous requests for the Certified Asbestos Consultant prep course and boasts a pass rate of 100%. We make ourselves available to answer any questions a student may have regarding course material, regulations, or industry related topics.