OSHA Asbestos Training Requirements

According to EPA.gov, OSHA now requires employers to establish and continue participation in an asbestos training program for employees that might be exposed to fiber levels that are either anticipated or measured at/above permissible exposure limits. OSHA training programs consist of initial classroom training and annual online refresher courses.

Permissible exposure limits are 0.1 fibers per cubic centimeter (f/cc) as an 8-hour, time-weighted average (TWA) and/or the excursion limit of 1.0 f/cc as a 30-minute time-weighted average (TWA).

See the full list of OSHA Asbestos Training Requirements (PDF)

See the full list of EPA AHERA Requirements (PDF)

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Employee Information & Training Requirements

According to OSHA Training Requirements,

  1. The employer must train every employee who will be exposed to airborne asbestos concentrations at/or above the PEL and/or excursion limit. The employer must establish and continue an on-going asbestos training program and ensure employee participation in the program.
  2. Training must be provided at the time/prior to the initial assignment and one time per year thereafter.
  3. The training program must be conducted in a way in which the employee is easily able to understand.
  4. The employer must also provide asbestos awareness training courses to employees who perform housekeeping work in an area that contains PACM or ACM. The asbestos awareness training course must contain the following elements: locations of PACM and ACM in the facility/building, health effects of asbestos, requirements relating to housekeeping, recognition of PACM and ACM damage and deterioration, and proper response to fiber release episodes, to all employees who perform housekeeping work in areas where PACM and/or ACM is present. Each such employee must be so trained at least one time per year.
  5. Employer must provide information and training materials
  6. Employer must keep records of training for up to one year after the employee’s last of employment.

Types of OSHA Asbestos Training

There are 3 types of OSHA Asbestos Training including:

  1. Awareness Training
  2. Special O&M Training
  3. Abatement Worker Training

Who Can Give OSHA Asbestos Training?

The (APM) asbestos program manager could conduct asbestos training programs for types one and two if they have specific asbestos training and knowledge. If not the APM then the builder owner must send workers or hire an outside consultant to teach the O&M training course. A trained and accredited asbestos professional or a trained industrial hygienist must conduct respirator use and fit-test training. Training on health effects must be conducted by a health professional. Type three training can only be conducted by an entity who’s training course(s) are approved by a state with an EPA approved MAP or by the EPA.

Asbestos, OSHA & AHERA Training Via Classroom & Online

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The Asbestos Institute is not the official authority to determine OSHA training requirements, which are set forth in the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. OSHA regulations are always being revised, added, and/or deleted, so you must not rely on The Asbestos Institute as the official authority of OSHA asbestos training requirements. Visit the official OSHA Asbestos Training Requirements page here.

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