An Update on EPA and the Fibers Program

As many of you know, EPA has had to minimize many of their programs because of cuts to the 2013 budget. The TSCA Asbestos Program (AHERA, MAP and the asbestos ban) is one of the items that will no longer be maintained at the federal level. Below is their official announcement to this effect. This does not mean that the law or regulations will go away. It means that federal EPA will no longer be active in administrating the program.

However, even though EPA Headquarters is bowing out of the program, they have essentially left it up to the various regions on how it will be handled at the regional level. Region 9 has chosen to proceed with “business as usual”, at least for the time being (2013). Our Regional Asbestos Coordinator, Ron Tsuchiya, will remain in place and active. He has recently finished a canvas of schools in California’s central valley area, and is currently working on violations there. He has also planned an inspection trip to Arizona in the coming year to target AHERA compliance in schools here.

Please read the federal EPA announcement below. If you have questions, please feel free to call The Asbestos Institute at 602-864-6564.

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Lynn Vendinello to: Regional Asbestos Coordinators 11/14/2012 11:56 AM

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